SUNY Plattsburgh Policies


Web Policies at SUNY Plattsburgh


The Web policies for SUNY Plattsburgh are designed to be useful, flexible, and adaptive to a rapidly changing Internet environment.

Some of the policies are specific: for example, those dealing with the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative compliance with New York State Technology Policy NYS-P08-005. Other policies serve as guidelines to keep the site running smoothly and evolving responsively, while encouraging widespread involvement from campus colleagues.

Content management of the site is coordinated through the Office of Marketing and Communications in the Division of Institutional Advancement. This management involves close consultation with the college's Web policy body, the Web Oversight Working Group (WOWG), as well as the Division of Library and Information Technology Services and its Office of Computing and Media Services. A subgroup of the WOWG, the Web Operations Group (Web-Ops), meets regularly to address ongoing technical issues..

Content Management Policy

This document includes classification of pages; content ownership and responsibility; details of the development process; specific policies and other web-related information.

Policy Approval

Official policies are adopted upon approval by Executive Council. Updated 8/16/2011

Contact Information

For more information about web policies at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

Daniel J.S. Lewis
Web Editor
Phone: (518) 564-3977
Email: [email protected]