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Student Jobs and Defraying Tuition Costs

Visit MyPlattsburgh for a current listing of employment opportunities

There are three types of part-time jobs for students to consider:

  • Federal work-study
  • On-campus temporary service
  • Off-campus

Each semester there is also a job-fair during the first week of classes in the Angel College Center. Both on-campus and off-campus employers attend the job fair in order to recruit part-time student workers.

With on-campus jobs, students submit a time sheet every two weeks and also receive a paycheck every two weeks. These wages can be used to help pay for the monthly educational and personal expenses, but not be deducted from the bill.

Employment Wage Rate Description
Federal Work-Study On-campus Normally $9.75 per hour effective 1/28/2016 Work-study is awarded to students enrolled with an EFC less than COA until our budget is exhausted, which normally occurs in mid-March. To apply, complete the FAFSA (Apply for Aid) and indicate that you are interested in work-study on it. If you receive work-study, it will be included in your financial aid award letter. In early August, we start to mail instructions on how to apply for a job. These instructions include the terms and conditions for employment..
Temporary Service On-campus Normally $9.75per hour effective 1/28/2016 Visit the Career Development Center for more information.
Off-Campus jobs Varies Visit the Career Development Center for more information.
Resident Assistants Varies Undergraduate students accepted into the resident assistant program receive a free room and partial meal costs. Visit Housing for more information.
Community Advocates Varies Visit Housing for more information.
Graduate Assistantships Varies There are three types of graduate assistantships: Residence Hall Director, Administrative Assistants, Research Assistantships. Graduate Assistantships are offered as a tuition scholarship and stipend. Visit Graduate Assistantships and Housing for more information.