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Video Conferencing

Teaching Video Conference Courses

A Guide for Faculty

Use this guide to prepare for teaching video conferencing course between SUNY Plattsburgh’s main campus and SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury in Glens Falls, NY.

  • Getting Started
    1. Order your books — Make sure that books you need for courses have been ordered at both locations.
    2. Parking — Tags are required at SUNY Plattsburgh and SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury. Contact SUNY Plattsburgh University Police (tel. 518-564-2022) for main campus tags. Contact Ms. Bonni Garvey (tel. 518-792-5425, ext. 101) for Branch Campus stickers.
    3. Class times — Be sure to check the Master Schedule for class times to make sure they are accurate for both locations.
    4. Using the equipment — Directions are posted in the SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury and Plattsburgh rooms. The set-up is similar to regular smart classrooms; it includes a dual-screen projector, flat-screen monitor, and white board.
    5. Practice run — Faculty can practice at an initial meeting held prior to the start of the semester. We’ll turn on the system, let you see what it looks like and how it works, and answer your questions.

Video Conferencing Basics: Teaching Tips and Strategies for Faculty

  • The Basics

    Consider these tips to get started right. For more comprehensive suggestions on ways to improve teaching, contact Plattsburgh’s Center for Teaching Excellence.

    1. Make sure that your microphone mute button is on until class begins and during breaks.
    2. Remind students that the microphones pick up all sounds, such as eating, munching on chips, shuffling papers, whispering, tapping pens and pencils.
    3. Monitor group work for proper noise level, as it can be difficult to hear for those students working at the other site.
    4. Be aware that food is not allowed, as eating sounds are picked up and transmitted.
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