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Join accomplished faculty and other top students

Engage in interesting discussions, research, and participate in the Honors Student Association.

Honors Program

Located in historic Hawkins Hall, the Redcay Honors Center is part of SUNY Plattsburgh’s historical campus, and is home to the college’s honors program.

The Honors Center provides students with a pleasant and inviting environment in which to pursue their education.

Facilities at the center include a large and comfortable study/lounge area (complete with fireplace), a small kitchenette, two specially designed and furnished seminar rooms, and a well-equipped computer lab.

In fact, the entire Honors Center is wireless-enabled for easy and unlimited Internet connection.

What the Honors Program Means to You

Currently about 375 students are enrolled in the honors program and come from nearly every academic major at the college.

The honors program brings these students and some of our very best faculty together in small seminars, research projects and other educational opportunities that are designed to supplement the other academic programs at the college. These settings enable students to have greater freedom and responsibility for their own education than is normally the case.

The honors program is built around teaching/learning opportunities that engage students in active learning rather than the passive absorption of information. Seminars are lively courses in which student discussion and inquiry dominates the work of the seminar.

Our honors program provides a variety of educational opportunities:

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