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Employee COVID-19 Information

This page has been created to provide employees with information about the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects upon them.


Employee Testing & Protocols for COVID-19

Effective March 16, 2020 at noon, all state agencies and authorities must abide by the following protocols for employees who report symptoms of illness associated with the COVID-19 virus. Any symptomatic employee should not report to work. As the number of suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19 increases, all New York state employees must monitor themselves for possible symptoms, such as:

  • fever,
  • cough,
  • shortness of breath, or
  • respiratory infection/distress.

Any employee experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19 shall immediately report symptoms to their supervisor and the agency/authority’s human resources (HR) personnel. The supervisor and HR official will immediately direct the employee to leave work, if they are currently at work, or stay home, if they are not at work, and self-quarantine as a precaution. The supervisor shall request and record the latest contact information for the employee, including home or mobile telephone numbers, so that HR personnel can reach them for follow up information. If the employee is experiencing severe symptoms and requires urgent medical attention, the supervisor should call 911 and notify the dispatcher that the distressed employee may have COVID-19 symptoms, so that emergency medical service responders may use appropriate precautions.

The HR official will deploy facility maintenance personnel to clean and disinfect the suspected employee’s work area, including their desk, chair, telephone, desktop and computer equipment. Facility maintenance staff should also clean the nearby common areas, including but not limited to door handles/push plates, light switches, elevator buttons, door handles/push plates, break room tables and chairs, as well as kitchen and restroom faucets.

Additional cleaning guidance can be found at www.ny.gov/coronavirus.

Temporary Alternate Work Location

SUNY Plattsburgh will be as flexible as possible to promote recommended social distancing and limit population density to reduce the spread of this virus while meeting the operational needs of the college. To accommodate the needs of our faculty and staff, effective immediately, employees may submit a request to work from a temporary alternate work location to their supervisor/department head.

We understand that due to the nature of their role, not all employees have the flexibility to work from an alternate work location. Supervisors may consider staggering shifts or alternating staff during the week to minimize the number of employees on campus at the same time. An employee should initiate a conversation with their supervisor, if they wish to perform duties from an alternate work location.

As a state institution, any approved temporary request is subject to revision, suspension or revocation based on future guidance by the college or the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations and/or SUNY. All requests must be based on the expectation that the college, and all its units/offices, are open for business, and that we must provide continuity of operations.

Ultimate approval will be made at the level of the appropriate vice president.

Documentation & Process

An approved Temporary Alternate Work Location Agreement must be on file with Human Resource Services for anyone that is not physically on campus.

Supervisors must communicate that the following responsibilities apply:

  • Employees working under a Temporary Alternate Work Location Agreement must check in daily with their supervisor.
  • Records of work activities will be maintained by the supervisor on a weekly basis, via the Work Log for Alternate Work Location COVID-19 Google Form. The supervisor must login with their SUNY Plattsburgh credentials through Google Chrome.
  • Employees who are unable to work due to illness will charge sick leave and will report their absence to their supervisor. Normal departmental procedures apply.
  • Employees who wish to be relieved of responsibility for work on a particular day or days will use vacation and/or personal leave (if applicable). Normal departmental procedures apply.
  • The employee is responsible for providing their own equipment and any costs associated with the alternate work location (such as personal telephone service fees, personal internet fees, etc.). To connect to your office computer from home, the initial set-up must be done from your campus computer and requires a phone call to the Helpdesk at 518-564-4433. There is no additional setup once you get home and you can use ANY computer that has wifi and a web browser to connect.
  • Supervisors will be responsible for ensuring that all tasks, job responsibilities, and processes are completed in a timely manner, and that all deadlines are met.
  • College employees will be responsible for maintaining proprietary and confidential information and for abiding by SUNY, government, and federal policies and guidelines, including those of our accrediting agencies.
  • Ensure the office voicemail is updated to reflect appropriate contact information, including email.


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