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About SUNY Plattsburgh

Typically more than ninety-five percent of our graduates enter exciting careers or graduate schools soon after graduation.

It's an experience that says boldly to each student: "Here, you can be more. You can become outstanding."

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State University of New York (SUNY) College at Plattsburgh

Lives Transformed Here

SUNY Plattsburgh is home to a vibrant community of renowned teachers and nationally recognized scholars, dedicated to engaging students and helping them to succeed.

Our students arrive from diverse backgrounds and places. But once enrolled, they have one particularly important thing in common: a college experience with the power to transform their lives.

SUNY Plattsburgh's remarkable campus culture and environment combine with an exceptionally high quality of teaching to produce success for students.

The Plattsburgh experience challenges students to discover their potential, to seek new intellectual horizons, and to learn skills that can turn dreams into realities. It's an experience that calls students to explore new ground and reach still greater heights of achievement.

It is this special Plattsburgh experience that makes the College much more than "just another public college."

Faculty Who Make a Difference

Many colleges tout a faculty who work closely with students. At SUNY Plattsburgh, that claim is more than mere hype.

Here great teaching is the norm, and the greatest teachers interact closely with their students, whom they make every bit as much of a priority as the exceptional academic scholarship for which many are nationally recognized.

Deeply committed to teaching, our faculty regularly extend their expertise beyond the classroom, mentoring and advising students.

Faculty teach a comprehensive curriculum that is grounded in the liberal arts and aimed at preparing students with the intellectual foundation demanded by today's - and tomorrow's - professional careers, including opportunities for cultural enrichment, such as Study Abroad and National Student Exchange programs.

The college comprises three academic schools: they are,

For students, it all adds up to a rigorous yet balanced environment - one conducive to learning, one that encourages relationships with faculty, and one that fosters attainment of each individual's personal best. Success is a hallmark of a Plattsburgh education.

Photo of SUNY Plattsburgh Students enjoying a view of the Adirondack MountainsLive Well, and Learn

Set in one of the world's most spectacular regions - the Champlain Valley - SUNY Plattsburgh's campus environment contributes substantially to student and faculty well being.

Most Plattsburgh students take advantage of guaranteed campus housing or live in the surrounding residential area. Considered both beautiful and safe, the campus abounds with art and is a pleasure to stroll.

Here - in the small city of Plattsburgh, NY - you are never far from mountains, rivers, and lakes. The College is also just an hour's drive from exciting destinations such as the cosmopolitan city of Montreal, Canada, the Olympic Village of Lake Placid, and Burlington, Vermont.

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To learn more about Plattsburgh and the Champlain Valley Region, please contact:

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SUNY Plattsburgh
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